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Hard disks are hard spheres in two dimensions. The hard disk intermolecular pair potential is given by[1] [2]

\Phi_{12}\left( r \right) = \left\{ \begin{array}{lll}
\infty & ; & r <  \sigma \\
0      & ; & r \ge \sigma \end{array} \right.

where  \Phi_{12}\left(r \right) is the intermolecular pair potential between two disks at a distance r := |\mathbf{r}_1 - \mathbf{r}_2|, and  \sigma is the diameter of the disk. This page treats hard disks in a two-dimensional space, for three dimensions see the page hard disks in a three dimensional space.

Phase transitions[edit]

Despite the apparent simplicity of this model/system, the phase behaviour and the nature of the phase transitions remains an area of active study ever since the early work of Alder and Wainwright [3]. In a recent publication by Mak [4] using over 4 million particles (2048^2) one appears to have the phase diagram isotropic (\eta < 0.699), a hexatic phase, and a solid phase (\eta > 0.723) (the maximum possible packing fraction is given by \eta = \pi / \sqrt{12} \approx 0.906899... [5]) . Similar results have been found using the BBGKY hierarchy [6] and by studying tessellations (the hexatic region: 0.680 < \eta < 0.729) [7]. Also studied via integral equations [8]. Experimental results [9].

Equations of state[edit]

Main article: Equations of state for hard disks

Virial coefficients[edit]

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