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This is the WikiNode page for SklogWiki. SklogWiki is a wiki for anyone interested in thermodynamics, statistical mechanics and the computer simulation of materials, especially liquids and soft condensed matter. See Wikis and Science 2.0 for more details about wikis, and SklogWiki:About for more information about this wiki.

Wiki neighbours[edit]

Here is an incomplete table of wikis that are dedicated to themes related to either the physical sciences, or to mathematics.

Wiki name field notes page count wikiFactor
SklogWiki statistical mechanics, thermodynamics This wiki 1,351 26
SMAC-wiki statistical mechanics, thermodynamics dedicated to the book "Statistical Mechanics: Algorithms and Computations" by Werner Krauth 111 7
GROMACS wiki statistical mechanics, thermodynamics deals with GROMACS, a versatile package to perform molecular dynamics unknown 37 free energy Alchemical free energy calculations 54 8
NSDL MatDL Pathway including The Soft Matter Wiki statistical mechanics, thermodynamics (site apparently inactive) 22 5
SEAS Soft Matter Wiki soft matter (site apparently inactive) 2462 5
Thermal-FluidsPedia thermodynamics thermal and fluid science 644 16
Molecular modeling Wiki molecular mechanics Some of the practices of molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo unknown unknown
CFD-Wiki computational fluid dynamics 557 48
Dispersive PDE Wiki non-linear dispersive and wave equations 338 15
Quantiki quantum mechanics a free-content WWW resource in quantum information science 225 22
The Tangent Bundle physics (general) a repository of ideas in physics 647 10 plasma to highlight the importance of plasma throughout the Universe 88 27
Wikiwaves wave physics devoted to the mathematics of water waves 363 21
UsefulChem chemistry an open source science project in chemistry led by the Bradley Laboratory at Drexel University 532 unknown
ChemWiki chemistry A free 'General Chemistry textbook' (Chemistry department at UC Davis) unknown >50
Quixote project chemistry compilation of computational chemistry data unknown unknown
NMRWiki chemistry Magnetic Resonance-themed wiki (NMR,EPR,MRI). (wikiNode) 762 21
The Tangent Bundle Mathematics Project mathematics a repository of ideas in mathematics 265 7
mathsoc mathematics Dublin University Mathematical Society 150 13
Tricki mathematics a repository of mathematical know-how unknown unknown
Groupprops mathematics group theory wiki 7316 17
Polymath mathematics collaborative online mathematical projects 175 20
Scholarpedia mathematics (dynamical systems), physics Peer-reviewed open-access encyclopedia written by scholars from all around the world. 2329 unknown
ProofWiki mathematics Online compendium of mathematical proofs 9772 22
OEIS Wiki mathematics On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences 178860 9
Plastics Wiki plastics an encyclopaedia of plastic materials. (TourBusStop) 1551 24