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Exact solution of the Percus Yevick integral equation for hard spheres

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The exact solution for the Percus Yevick integral equation for the hard sphere model was derived by M. S. Wertheim in 1963 [1] (see also [2]), and for mixtures by Joel Lebowitz in 1964 [3].

The direct correlation function is given by (Eq. 6 of [1] )

C(r/R)=-{\frac  {(1+2\eta )^{2}-6\eta (1+{\frac  {1}{2}}\eta )^{2}(r/R)+\eta (1+2\eta )^{2}{\frac  {(r/R)^{3}}{2}}}{(1-\eta )^{4}}}


\eta ={\frac  {1}{6}}\pi R^{3}\rho

and R is the hard sphere diameter. The equation of state is given by (Eq. 7 of [1])

{\frac  {\beta P}{\rho }}={\frac  {(1+\eta +\eta ^{2})}{(1-\eta )^{3}}}

where \beta is the inverse temperature. Everett Thiele also studied this system [4], resulting in (Eq. 23)


where (Eq. 24)

a={\frac  {(2x+1)^{2}}{(x-1)^{4}}}


b=-{\frac  {12x+12x^{2}+3x^{3}}{2(x-1)^{4}}}


c={\frac  {x(2x+1)^{2}}{2(x-1)^{4}}}

and where x=\rho /4.

The pressure via the pressure route (Eq.s 32 and 33) is

P=nk_{B}T{\frac  {(1+2x+3x^{2})}{(1-x)^{2}}}

and the compressibility route is

P=nk_{B}T{\frac  {(1+x+x^{2})}{(1-x)^{3}}}

A derivation of the Carnahan-Starling equation of state[edit]

It is interesting to note (Ref [5] Eq. 6) that one can arrive at the Carnahan-Starling equation of state by adding two thirds of the exact solution via the compressibility route, to one third via the pressure route, i.e.

Z={\frac  {pV}{Nk_{B}T}}={\frac  {2}{3}}\left[{\frac  {(1+\eta +\eta ^{2})}{(1-\eta )^{3}}}\right]+{\frac  {1}{3}}\left[{\frac  {(1+2\eta +3\eta ^{2})}{(1-\eta )^{2}}}\right]={\frac  {1+\eta +\eta ^{2}-\eta ^{3}}{(1-\eta )^{3}}}

The reason for this seems to be a slight mystery (see discussion in Ref. [6] ).


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