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The TIP4P/2005 model [1] is a re-parameterisation of the original TIP4P potential for simulations of water. TIP4P/2005 is a rigid planar model, having a similar geometry to the Bernal and Fowler model.


Four site water model.png

r_{\mathrm {OH}} (Å) \angleHOH , deg \sigma (Å) \epsilon/k (K) q(O) (e) q(H) (e) q(M) (e) r_{\mathrm {OM}} (Å)
0.9572 104.52 3.1589 93.2 0 0.5564 -2q(H) 0.1546

Phase diagram

TIP4P 2005 phase diagram.png

The phase diagram of the TIP4P/2005 model is given in a publication by Abascal, Sanz and Vega [2] and for negative pressures in the publication [3]

Liquid-vapour equilibria


Plastic crystal phases

Recent simulations have suggested the possibility of a plastic crystal phase or phases for water [5] [6]

Surface tension

The surface tension has been studied for the TIP4P/2005 model [7] [8]

Self-diffusion coefficient

The TIP4P/2005 potential has a self-diffusion coefficient, in bulk water at 298 K, of 0.21 Å2 ps−1 in a classical simulation of 216 water molecules (experimental value: 0.23 Å2 ps−1) [9].


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