Santos-Lopez de Haro-Yuste hard disk equation of state

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The Santos-Lopez de Haro-Yuste equation of state for hard disks (2-dimensional hard spheres) is given by (Eq. 2 Ref. 1, Eq. 5 Ref. 2, Eq. 1 Ref. 3):

\frac{p}{\rho k_B T} = \left[ 1- b_2 \eta - \frac{(1-b_2 \eta_{\mathrm{max}}) \eta^2}{\eta^2_{\mathrm{max}}} \right]^{-1}

where p is the pressure, \rho is the number density, k_B is the Boltzmann constant, T is the temperature, b_2=2 is the reduced second virial coefficient, \eta = a_0(\sigma)\rho is the packing fraction, with a_0(\sigma) = (\pi/4)\sigma^2 the area of a hard disk with diameter \sigma, and \eta_{\mathrm{max}} = \pi \sqrt3 /6


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