Tangent linear hard sphere chains

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Example of the tangent linear hard sphere chain model, with m=6.

The tangent linear hard sphere chain model consists of, as the name suggests, chains of varying monomer length (m), placed tangentially in a linear configuration. Each monomer is a hard sphere model and each molecule is rigid.

Liquid crystals[edit]

For m=5 smectic-A phase becomes stable. For m=6 the nematic phase becomes stable [1].

Excluded volume[edit]

The excluded volume for this model is given by ([2] Eq. 30):

v_{\mathrm {excluded}}(\gamma)= (11m -3)v_s + (m-1)^2 v_c(\gamma)

where \gamma is the relative orientation of the principal axes of the molecules. See Ref. 2 for details of v_s and v_c(\gamma).


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