Phase diagram of the Lennard-Jones model

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The phase diagram of the Lennard-Jones model.

2 dimensions[edit]


3 dimensions[edit]

A very nice example of the phase diagram in the density-temperature plane is given in Figure 3 of [2], and on the pressure-temperature plane in Figure 6 of [3].

4 dimensions[edit]


Metastable phase[edit]


Solid phase[edit]

The Lennard-Jones potential has been known to form either hexagonal close-packed (hcp) or face-centred-cubic (fcc) structure. [6] Recently it has been shown that the ground state structure strongly depends on pressure, cutoff radius and the potential truncation method; and stacking sequences (polytypes) other than fcc and hcp can be the ground state structure too, e.g. dhcp, 9R...etc. [7].

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