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Neon (Ne)


Buckingham potential[edit]

The Buckingham potential for neon is given by (Eq. 26 [1]):

where is in ergs ( 10−7 J) and in Å.

HBV potential[edit]

The Hellmann-Bich-Vogel potential [2].

Lennard-Jones parameters[edit]

Some Lennard-Jones parameters for neon are listed in the following table:

Authors (meV) (nm) Reference
Herrero 3.0840 0.2782 [3]
Ramírez and Herrero 3.2135 0.2782 [4]

Leonhard and Deiters potential[edit]


NE2 potential[edit]


Phase diagram[edit]

The phase diagram for temperatures in the range of 17–50 K and pressures between 10−2 and 2×103 bar has been calculated in Ref. 2. The critical point was located at and bar (Ref. 2 Table I), and the triple point at and bar (Ref. 2 Table II).

Crystallization line[edit]

The structural regularities along the crystallization line has been studied by way of path integral Monte Carlo simulations and the Ornstein-Zernike pair equation [7].

Virial coefficients[edit]

Virial coefficients [8].


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