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Mixing rules (see also Combining rules).

van der Waals mixing rules[edit]

The van der Waals equation of state can be written as

\left(p + \frac{an^2}{V^2}\right)\left(V-nb\right) = nRT

For mixtures one replaces a and b with expressions that depend on the composition:

a \rightarrow \sum_i^n \sum_j^n x_i x_j a_{ij}


b \rightarrow \sum_i^n \sum_j^n x_i x_j b_{ij}


a_{ij} = (1-k_{ij}) \sqrt{(a_{ii} a_{jj})} ~~~~~~~~    i\neq j


b_{ij} = \frac{(b_{ii} b_{jj})}{2} ~~~~~~~~    i\neq j

where k_{ij} is obtained from a fit.

See also [1]


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