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:<math>{\rm g}_{ij}(r) \equiv h_{ij}(r) +1=0 ~~~~~~~~ r < \sigma_{ij} = (\sigma_i + \sigma_j)/2</math>
:<math>{\rm g}_{ij}(r) \equiv h_{ij}(r) 1=0 ~~~~~~~~ r < \sigma_{ij} = (\sigma_i   \sigma_j)/2</math>
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:<math>g(r) = \frac{c(r) + \beta \Phi_2(r)}{1-e^{\beta \Phi_1(r)}}</math>
:<math>g(r) = \frac{c(r)   \beta \Phi_2(r)}{1-e^{\beta \Phi_1(r)}}</math>
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:<math>B(r) \approx B^{\rm MSA}(s) = \ln (1+s)-s</math>
:<math>B(r) \approx B^{\rm MSA}(s) = \ln (1 s)-s</math>

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The Lebowitz and Percus mean spherical approximation (MSA) (1966) (Ref. 1) closure relation is given by

c(r) = -\beta \omega(r), ~~~~ r>\sigma.

In the Blum and Høye mean spherical approximation for mixtures (Refs 2 and 3) the closure is given by

{\rm g}_{ij}(r) \equiv h_{ij}(r)  1=0 ~~~~~~~~ r < \sigma_{ij} = (\sigma_i   \sigma_j)/2


c_{ij}(r)= \sum_{n=1} \frac{K_{ij}^{(n)}}{r}e^{-z_nr} ~~~~~~ \sigma_{ij} < r

where h_{ij}(r) and c_{ij}(r) are the total and the direct correlation functions for two spherical molecules of i and j species, \sigma_i is the diameter of 'i species of molecule. Duh and Haymet (Eq. 9 Ref. 4) write the MSA approximation as

g(r) = \frac{c(r)   \beta \Phi_2(r)}{1-e^{\beta \Phi_1(r)}}

where \Phi_1 and \Phi_2 comes from the Weeks-Chandler-Anderson division of the Lennard-Jones potential. By introducing the definition (Eq. 10 Ref. 4)

\left.s(r)\right. = h(r) -c(r) -\beta \Phi_2 (r)

one can arrive at (Eq. 11 in Ref. 4)

B(r) \approx B^{\rm MSA}(s) = \ln (1 s)-s

The Percus Yevick approximation may be recovered from the above equation by setting \Phi_2=0.

Thermodynamic consistency

See Ref. 5.


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