Fused hard sphere chains

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Example of the fused hard sphere chain model, shown here in a linear configuration.

In the fused hard sphere chain model the molecule is built up form a string of overlapping hard sphere sites, each of diameter .

An effective number of monomers can be applied to the fused hard sphere chain model by using the relarion (Ref. [1] Eq. 2.18)

where is the number of monomer units in the model, and is the reduced bond length.

The volume of the fused hard sphere chain is given by (Ref. [2] Eq. 13)

where is the minimal bond angle, and the surface area is given by (Ref.[2] Eq. 12)

Equation of state[edit]

The Vörtler and Nezbeda equation of state is given by [3]



The Waziri and Hamad equation of state for fused hard sphere chain fluids is given by [4]


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