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The Duh-Haymet (Ref. 1) (1995) Padé (3/2) approximation for the Bridge function for the Lennard Jones system is (Eq. 13)

B(\gamma^{*})= - \frac{1}{2} \gamma^{*2} \left[ \frac{1}{ \left[ 1+ \left( \frac{5\gamma^{*} +11}{7\gamma^{*} +9} \right) \gamma^{*}  \right]} \right]

where (Eq. 10) \gamma^{*}(r) = \gamma (r)  - \beta \Phi_p(r) where \Phi_p (r) is the perturbative part of the pair potential (Note: in the WCA separation for the Lennard Jones system, the `perturbative part' is the attractive part).


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