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The Lennard-Jones model for argon.

Argon has a mass of 39.948 umas. Sadus and Prausnitz have shown that three-body repulsion makes a significant contribution to three-body interactions in the liquid phase (Ref. 4) (for use of the Axilrod-Teller interaction see Refs. 5 and 6). However, the generic Lennard-Jones model has been frequently used due to its simplicity; some parameters are quoted in the next section. A specific interatomic potential for Ar has been proposed by Aziz (Ref. 10).

Lennard-Jones parameters

The Lennard-Jones parameters for liquid argon are listed in the following table:

Authors \epsilon/k_B (K) \sigma (nm) Reference
Rowley, Nicholson and Parsonage 119.8 0.3405 Ref. 7
Barker, Fisher and Watts 142.095 0.33605 Ref. 8
White 125.7 0.3345 Ref. 9 parameter set #4

Radial distribution function

Radial distribution function

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Quantum simulations

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