Z1 and Z2 potentials

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The Z potentials (Z1 and Z2) are given by (Eq. 1 in [1])

\Phi_{12}(r) =  a \frac{e^{\alpha r}}{r^3} \cos (2k_Fr) + b \left( \frac{\sigma}{r} \right)^n + V_0


The following parameters are taken from Table I

a \alpha k_F b \sigma n r_c V_0
Z1 1.58 –0.22 4.120 4.2 \times 10^8 0.331 18.0 2.64909 0.04682632
Z2 1.04 0.33 4.139 4.2 \times 10^7 0.348 14.5 2.64488 0.13391543

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