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Personal page for Angel Herráez[edit]

You can read about me at my page in Jmol Wiki.

I'm interested in implementing Jmol in MediaWiki-based wikis, like Wikipedia. I will be doing some testing here at SklogWiki.

Test pages for Jmol[edit]

  • User:AngelHerraez/Sandbox1 Successful update of the Jmol_general template in SklogWiki so that it is easy to insert JmolApplets without writing the extension markup.
  • User:AngelHerraez/Sandbox2 Test of a simple template for putting a link (with the molecule's pagename) that opens Jmol in a pop-up window.
  • User:AngelHerraez/Sandbox3 Test of a portion of the Chembox template used at Wikipedia. Inserts a table with properties, including a link to the 3D model in a pop-up.