Sutherland potential

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The Sutherland potential [1][2] is given by

\Phi_{12}\left( r \right) = 
\left\{ \begin{array}{lll}
\infty & ; & r \leq \sigma \\
- \epsilon\left( \frac{  \sigma }{r}\right)^{\gamma} & ; & r > \sigma 
\end{array} \right.

where  \Phi_{12}\left( r \right) is the intermolecular pair potential, r := |\mathbf{r}_1 - \mathbf{r}_2| is the distance between site 1 and site 2,  \sigma is the radius of the central hard core,  \epsilon is the energy well depth ( \epsilon > 0 ), and  \gamma is a parameter that controls the interaction range. For example, for \gamma=6 the potential look like



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