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Materials and Process Simulation MAPS, platform is a multi-scale, multi-paradigm, extensible platform that allows engineers and scientists to BUILD realistic models of all types of materials, SIMULATE various properties and processes using world-leading simulation engines and ANALYZE for key properties to predict and screen materials behavior under different conditions.

BUILD The builders within the MAPS platform provide graphical interfaces for model building of any type of materials.

SIMULATE The MAPS platform offers plugins and Graphical User Interfaces to proprietary and third party simulation engines in Materials Science. MAPS users can quickly setup calculations with the most advanced codes in the QUANTUM, CLASSICAL & MESOSCALE, THERMODYNAMICS and INFORMATICS domains.

ANALYZE MAPS provides a powerful analysis toolkit for all properties generated by the supported simulation engines. In addition MAPS offers a collection of Python based tools that extend its standard analysis capability.

INFRASTRUCTURE MAPS architecture allows fast development and deployment of new and extension of existing functionality.