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Kurt Binder (born: in Korneuburg, Austria 10th of February 1944) was the recipient of the Boltzmann Award in 2007.

Publications list[edit]

Incomplete list:

  1. K. Binder "Finite size scaling analysis of ising model block distribution functions", Zeitschrift für Physik B Condensed Matter 43 pp. 119-140 (1981)
  2. K. Binder "Monte Carlo calculation of the surface tension for two- and three-dimensional lattice-gas models", Physical Review A 25 pp. 1699 - 1709 (1982)
  3. K. Binder "Theory of first-order phase transitions", Reports on Progress in Physics 50 pp. 783-859 (1987)
  4. Kurt Binder, Surajit Sengupta and Peter Nielaba "The liquid-solid transition of hard discs: first-order transition or Kosterlitz-Thouless-Halperin-Nelson-Young scenario?", Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 14 pp. 2323-2333 (2002)
  5. B. M. Mognetti, L. Yelash, P. Virnau, W. Paul, K. Binder, M. Müller, and L. G. MacDowell "Efficient prediction of thermodynamic properties of quadrupolar fluids from simulation of a coarse-grained model: The case of carbon dioxide", Journal of Chemical Physics 128 104501 (2008)
  6. Kurt Binder "Computer simulations of critical phenomena and phase behaviour of fluids", Molecular Physics 108 pp. 1797-1815 (2010)


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