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This is the WikiNode page for SklogWiki. SklogWiki is a wiki for anyone interested in thermodynamics, statistical mechanics and the computer simulation of materials, especially liquids and soft condensed matter. See SklogWiki:About for more details.

Wiki neighbours

Here is a list of wikis that are in some way 'thematically related' to SklogWiki:

  • Solutions to Statistical Mechanics is a forum to develop solutions to problems in the book "Statistical Mechanics" by D. A. McQuarrie.
  • SMAC-wiki a wiki dedicated to the book "Statistical Mechanics: Algorithms and Computations" by Werner Krauth.
  • ThermoWiki a collaborative effort for expanding our understanding of thermodynamics (Site apparently inactive).
  • Qwiki: Qwiki is a quantum physics wiki devoted to the collective creation of technical content for practicing scientists.
  • Folding@Home Wiki is the Folding@Home distributed computing protein folding wiki.
  • PDBWiki is a community annotated knowledge base of biological molecular structures.
  • Plastics Wiki is an encyclopedia of plastic materials.
  • Fisimur (in Spanish)
  • GROMACS wiki is a wiki dealing with GROMACS (, a versatile package to perform molecular dynamics.
  • Chemipedia a free exchange for chemistry knowledge.
  • Scholarpedia the free peer reviewed encyclopedia written by scholars from all around the world.