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Brownian motion... Gravitation as binding force between molecules[edit]

Conversation between SNP.Gupta and Carl_McBride[edit]

Dear Sir You have removed the whole page??? Is it a technical problem? Or I should not post? I could not follow.. If you help me to understand the SklogWiki criteria, I will try to change it accordingly Hope you will give a full reason in your mind, that will help me to further my research...

        Dear SNP.GUPTA, SklogWiki is an open-edit encyclopedia dedicated to thermodynamics and statistical    mechanics, especially that of simple liquids, complex fluids, and soft condensed matter. SklogWiki is particularly oriented towards theoretical studies and computer simulations. The vast majority of the material on SklogWiki refers to work previously published in peer reviewed academic journals. The material you posted did not meet that criteria. -- Carl McBride (talk) 18:56, 22 September 2020 (CEST)

Dear Carl_McBride, I understand your point, I am doing accordingly. I already published Two papers, one I got acceptance and Five papers are under active consideration at present. This is subject under the work previously published in peer reviewed academic journals. I did not finish my work here up to references in Sklogwiki. I did not still understand how to post tables, pictures and references. I was trying understand them. This whole thing started three days back with you in Wikipedia. These are all new developments in this subject. I got many certificates for presenting in Nanobiotechnology conference few days back. I was the Chairman of the session. I will send you my papers and certificates to you or into references here, please give email Id......... The last and important point is.................This my work is exactly oriented towards theoretical studies and computer simulations only. This is what SklogWiki's orientation as you have mentioned. Thank you very much for your active interest and fast studying my work. Let me finish posting this.............