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Daniel Duque Campayo

Physics teacher at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

My home page

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Main research areas:

Statistical mechanics

Main contributions

Diffusion at interfaces, a page with many references that mirrors recent work on this problem by my research group.

Publication list

  1. Daniel Duque, Pedro Tarazona, and Enrique Chacón "Diffusion at the liquid-vapor interface", Journal of Chemical Physics 128 134704 (2008)
  2. (Duque, Daniel), Peterson BK (Peterson, Brian K.), and Vega LF (Vega, Lourdes F.) "Interaction between coated graphite nanoparticles by molecular simulation", JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C 111 12328-12334 (2007)
  3. Author(s): Olivet A (Olivet, Aurelio), Duque D (Duque, Daniel), Vega LF (Vega, Lourdes F.) "Analysis of electron interactions in dielectric gases", JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS Volume: 101 Issue: 2 Article Number: 023308 Published: JAN 15 2007
  4. Duque D, Vega LF " Calculation of the force between surfaces coated with grafted molecules by molecular simulation" JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS Volume: 124 Issue: 3 Article Number: 034703 Published: JAN 21 2006
  5. Olivet, A; Duque, D; Vega, LF "Sulfur hexafluoride's liquid-vapor coexistence curve, interfacial properties, and diffusion coefficients as predicted by a simple rigid model" : JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS Volume: 123 Issue: 19 Article Number: 194508 Published: NOV 15 2005
  6. Mejia A, Pamies JC, Duque D, Segura H, Vega LF " Phase and interface behaviors in type-I and type-V Lennard-Jones mixtures: Theory and simulations" JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS Volume: 123 Issue: 3 Article Number: 034505 Published: JUL 15 2005
  7. Duque D, Pamies JC, Vega LF "Interfacial properties of Lennard-Jones chains by direct simulation and density gradient theory" JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS Volume: 121 Issue: 22 Pages: 11395-11401 Published: DEC 8 2004
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