Tait equation of state

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The Tait equation is an equation of state. The equation was originally published by Peter Guthrie Tait in 1888. (Yuan-Hui Li, 15 May 1967, Equation of State of Water and Sea Water, Journal of Geophysical Research 72 (10), p. 2665.) It is sometimes written as

 \beta_0^{(P)} = \frac{-1}{V_0^{(P)}} \left ( \frac{\partial V}{\partial P} \right )_T = \frac{0.4343C}{V_0^{(P)}(B+P)}

or in the integrated form

 V_0^{(P)} = V_0^{(1)} - C \log \frac{B+P}{B+1}


  •  \beta_0^{(P)} is the compressibility of water.
  •  V_0 \ is the specific volume of water
  •  B \ and  C \ are functions of temperature that are independent of pressure.