Lennard-Jones equation of state

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The equation of state of the Lennard-Jones model.

Equation of state

Johnson et al [1] propose an equation of state based on 33 parameters, which accurately reproduces the vapor liquid equilibrium curve.

Melting line

The solid and liquid densities along the melting line are given by the equations of Mastny and de Pablo (Ref. 5 Eqs. 20 and 21):

\rho_{\mathrm {solid}} = \beta^{-1/4} \left[ 0.908629 - 0.041510 \beta + 0.514632 \beta^2 -0.708590\beta^3 + 0.428351 \beta^4 -0.095229 \beta^5\right]


\rho_{\mathrm {liquid}} = \beta^{-1/4} \left[ 0.90735 - 0.27120 \beta + 0.91784 \beta^2 -1.16270\beta^3 + 0.68012 \beta^4 -0.15284 \beta^5\right]


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