Kenneth G. Wilson

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Kenneth G. Wilson won the Nobel Prize in physics in 1982 "for his theory for critical phenomena in connection with phase transitions". He was also winner of the 1975 Boltzmann Award.

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Publications list

Incomplete list:

  1. Kenneth G. Wilson "Renormalization Group and Critical Phenomena. I. Renormalization Group and the Kadanoff Scaling Picture", Physical Review B 4 pp. 3174 - 3183 (1971)
  2. Kenneth G. Wilson "Renormalization Group and Critical Phenomena. II. Phase-Space Cell Analysis of Critical Behavior", Physical Review B 4 pp. 3184 - 3205 (1971)
  3. Kenneth G. Wilson and Michael E. Fisher "Critical Exponents in 3.99 Dimensions", Physical Review Letters 28 pp. 240 - 243 (1972)