TIP3P model of water

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The TIP3P model of water [1].


The TIP3P model consists of a Lennard-Jones site for the oxygen atom, and two charge sites.

(Å) HOH , deg (Å) (kJ/mol) q(O) (e) q(H) (e) q(M) (e) (Å)
0.9572 104.52 3.15066 0.63627 -0.834 0.417 0 0

Surface tension[edit]

The surface tension has been studied for the TIP3P model by Vega and Miguel [2]

Shear viscosity[edit]

The shear viscosity for the TIP3P model is 0.321 mPa.s at 298 K and 1 bar [3] (experimental value 0.896 mPa.s [4]).


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