Melting curve

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Melting curve

Empirical "one-phase" rules[edit]

Lindemann melting law[edit]


Hansen-Verlet freezing rule[edit]


Raveché-Mountain-Street criteria[edit]


Ross melting rule[edit]

The Ross melting rule states (Eq. 4 [4]):

where is the Helmholtz energy function, is the number of cells, is the potential at the centre of the cell, is the Boltzmann constant, is the temperature, is the volume of the cell, and is the dimensionless reduced volume in configuration space.

Khrapak melting criteria[edit]

The Khrapak one-phase melting criteria for two dimensional crystals with soft long-ranged interactions is given by (Eq 3 in [5]):

where is the transverse sound velocity, and is the thermal velocity.

Zero residual multiparticle entropy criterion[edit]

[6][7] [8]

Shock melting method[edit]



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