Maxwell speed distribution

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The probability that speed of a molecule of mass m lies in the range v to v+dv is given by

P(v)dv = 4 \pi v^2 dv \left( \frac{m}{2 \pi k_B T} \right)^{3/2} \exp (-mv^2/2k_B T)

where T is the temperature and k_B is the Boltzmann constant. The maximum of this distribution is located at

v_{\rm max} = \sqrt{\frac{2k_BT}{m}}

The mean speed is given by

\overline{v} = \frac{2}{\sqrt \pi} v_{\rm max}

and the root-mean-square speed by

v_{\rm rms} = \sqrt \frac{3}{2} v_{\rm max}


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